Strive for Five Challenge - IGN Plays Live

Video graphics for Strive for Five, an IGN Plays Live livestream of Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves, and God of War gameplay with challenges to complete.

This series was sponsored by 5 Hour Energy.

Strive for Five animated logo and intro

s45 logo.gif

Presented by transition following the logo scene

s45 presented.gif

Sidebar and challenge progress graphics that highlight as the player completes a milestone

s45 challenge.png

Background monitor graphics for the livestream set using client provided assets

s45 monitor 1.jpg

Wreck-it-Ralph 2 - Blockbuster + Doodle

Disney was interested in driving home the theme of “breaking the internet”, and this project broke new ground for ads interacting with IGN’s new homepage design. We recreated our top stories section within the ad space to fool the user for a split second that the space was a real section of the IGN homepage. The ‘page’ then starts to tear apart, revealing the Ralph character breaking through the canvas of IGN’s front page. Upon his exit, the character also appears in the Doodle area next to the IGN logo in the nav.